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distributed debugging tool


DDT has been designed to make debugging even the most complex parallel solutions easier, faster and more efficient.

For both the expert and the novice MPI programmer, DDT will bring greater understanding of MPI codes and allow bugs to be found quickly and easily.

DDT has the industry's best parallel debugger interface: one screen to control hundreds of processes -- at the click of a button.

Supports all major MPIs, OpenMP and queueing systems.

  • Easy to use, powerful and inexpensive.

  • C, C++, Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 support.

  • DDT saves you time, frustration and money!

  • Unrivalled 3D visualization capabilities - zoom, spin and even view in stereo.

  • Group processes by task with drag-and-drop.

  • Instantly view the status of all processes at any time.

  • Run, step or synchronize processes in groups with real-time feedback on their progress.

  • Switch between processes with a single mouse click.

  • Automatic display of project source files with syntax highlighting.

  • Colour highlighting to indicate positions of processes in code.

  • Place breakpoints directly into your code for all or selected processes.

  • Navigate or change your variables and complex data structures with ease.

  • Drag-and-drop to create watches, expand pointers and view multi-dimensional arrays.

  • Save arrays or slices of arrays at runtime to CSV files for spreadsheet use.

  • Compare values across groups of processes: statistically, graphically and automatically by equivalence - within user-set precision limits.

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