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streamline online sales

Streamline sells the following software direct to commercial, academic and government customers:

  • Compilers
    • Absoft Fortran compilers
    • The Intel Compiler Collection
    • The Portland Group Compilers
  • Platform Computing software (including LSF and Clusterware)
  • The Distributed Debugging Tool, DDT

We resell the following hardware

  • Cyclades
    • Terminal server and console access products
  • Infortrend
    • High availability disk arrays (SCSI-IDE, Fibre-IDE)
  • Myrinet
    • High performance networking (including Myrinet 2000)

Presently it is not possible to order online from Streamline, but if you have any enquiry or would like to place an order then you can do so by e-mailing or by filling out this form.

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