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Streamline Computing is a world leader in the development and implementation of software purpose-built for cluster or grid systems, as well as the development of bespoke software for parallel or distributed applications. Cluster and grid computing are highly specialised fields that use sophisticated data management, job scheduling, networking and messaging technologies. To deliver the full potential, software that enables developers to exploit the technology is essential - and is set to become even more important in line with the growing worldwide demand for computer-intensive applications.

The Distributed Debugging Tool (DDT) developed by Streamline Computing is rapidly becoming the de facto standard parallel debugger for clusters, with many users in Europe, the US and Asia from commercial, academic and governmental institutions.

The CMA is the latest product from Streamline Computing. This is a secure web-based monitoring system for clusters. It proactively manages the cluster with automated alarms and remote notification through email and SMS alerts. Up-to-the minute statistics reveal the system status at a glance, in addition to an overview and historical resource utilization data.

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