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HPC Is Changing

Independent High Performance Computing Seminar

Thursday, September 30th 2004

National Space Centre, Leicester, UK

NEW: Venue information, hotels and transport

HPC is at a major crossroads. Cluster capabilities are at unprecedented levels and new technologies and applications have led to new challenges. As the former mainstays of the Linux community have become increasingly commercially focussed, it has become vital that academia, government and industry are able to address their HPC strategy with access to the best information.

We have organized a panel of industry experts from around the world and will be inviting your feedback at an independent HPC seminar, aimed at removing uncertainty, and involving and informing the UK HPC community.

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  • 09:15 - Registration and refreshments
  • 10:00 - The future of free Linux
    • Redhat now offers exclusively commercial distributions, and other vendors are strongly focussed on revenue, so can there be a future for free Linux?
    • Will commercial application vendors support the free versions such as Fedora or Gentoo?
    • Could this spark a revival of commercial operating systems?
  • 11:30 - The future of 64 bit computing
    • First there was a choice of only Itanium, then came Opteron, and now Xeon 64 bit and PowerPC for Linux clusters - what is the future?
    • What advantages do 64-bit processors bring and what separates the offerings?
  • 14:00 - Controlling your cluster
    • Good management has been shown to radically improve the effectiveness of a cluster.
    • What options are available, what is best practice and where is it heading?
  • 15:30 - The future of high speed Interconnects
    • Infiniband is a new technology for high-performance interconnects which is aiming to be the standard.
    • What does this mean for other interconnects like Myrinet?
    • Will PCI express affect this with bandwidth in and out of servers to 10 Gb/sec?
  • 16:30 - Guest speaker from the Beagle Project, Dr Mark Sims, Project Manager Beagle 2.

Our keynote speaker from the ROCKS project will give a US perspective on the future of open source. The panel of experts will demonstrate what can be achieved with open-source and proprietary software for cluster management.

Speakers from AMD, Intel and the PowerPC team will talk about the relative advantages of each chipset regardless of which manufacturer you chose.

Myricom and many other vendors will discuss openly the relative merits of the technology and how to evaluate it. Applications do not always scale uniformly and testing out a 32 node cluster does not mean the solution will work well at 128 processors and beyond.

A number of applications vendors will discuss the platforms, operating systems and networks they will support. With so much choice, not all combinations can be supported - who will be the winners and how can you ensure your application will run on your platform?

Please help support this event, in return we offer sustenance during the day - and even a spot of lunch - and hopefully we'll end up with a clearer idea of where the technology is going and where you want to take it.

Please register here by September 17th for free entry. Places are limited and after 17th September a registration fee of £50 applies.

We look forward to seeing you on September 30th.

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