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Streamline Computing Announces Availability of its DDT Parallel Debugger for the SGI Altix 3000 Family of Servers and Superclusters

September 9, 2003. Warwick, UK - Streamline Computing, the parallel debugging specialists, today announced support for the SGI® Altix (TM) 3000 family of servers and superclusters in Distributed Debugging Tool (DDT) version 1.4.

DDT version 1.4, is the most powerful, and most cost-effective, graphical debugger for developers of parallel applications - in C, C++ and FORTRAN. "DDT is the most effective tool of its kind available today," comments Dr. David Lecomber, Software Director for Streamline Computing, "it gives developers the support they need to deliver projects on time and on budget."

From oil exploration and oceanographic modeling to aircraft design and financial simulations, developers are benefiting from the capabilities of DDT. Unrivalled data visualization and navigation, source code highlighting and grouped process control help users to meet the challenges of the problem sizes and the numbers of processors that clusters are reaching today.

SGI Altix 3000 systems combine SGI's supercomputing architecture with Intel® Itanium® 2 processors and the Linux® operating system, shattering scalability and performance records. The Altix 3000 provides for fast development time and unprecedented scalability using shared-memory programming with OpenMP(TR), while also producing excellent benchmark results for distributed-memory programming codes based on MPI.

Streamline Computing has worked closely with SGI in recent months. As a result of the collaboration, DDT now integrates seamlessly with the SGI® Message Passing Toolkit. Starting and debugging scalable code could not be easier on the Altix 3000 platform.

“SGI’s Altix customers require a comprehensive debugger ideal for parallel code and large data sets. DDT, with its complex parallel debugging capabilities combined with support for OpenMP and MPI standards, is ideal for SGI software partners and customers because it will enable them to better understand MPI codes and help find the bugs that are common when porting to 64-bit architectures quickly and efficiently,” said Anneke Dempsey, Senior Director Global Alliances, SGI.

About Streamline

Streamline Computing was founded in 2000 by computer scientists from the universities of Oxford and Warwick in response to a demand for professional high-performance clusters, software and expertise in the UK. With backgrounds in parallel and high performance computing, Streamline's experts have unrivalled insight into the hardware and software of cluster and grid computing.

Streamline has installed some of the largest clusters in Europe and develops software tools to simplify cluster programming and use. DDT, the parallel debugger, was released at SC-2002 and is Streamline's first product in a series aimed to revolutionize parallel computing.

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